About me

Hello, thanks for reading my blog!  I have always wanted to write a book about something but never really knew what to write about.  It seems at times my life is that of a sitcom and I am waiting for someone to jump out and say "got ya- you are on candid camera!".    My life has been a series of comical events.  Not all bad of course in fact if these events never occurred then I wouldn't be who I am today.  Good bad or indifferent- I am thankful I am where I am and that I have what I have.  I have a crazy life but a  happy one!

I grew up in America, my mom is from Germany and my dad is from here.  They met while dad was stationed in the Airforce (in Germany), and well the rest is now history.  My family is very close- pretty dysfunctional but I think these days that is the norm.  My parents are still together, and are very much involved in our lives.

For me, I was lucky enough after a long line of dating the wrong men- (I should of listened to my mother!!)and having one bad relationship after another, and getting hurt again and again just floating through life, I was finally met the man of my dreams.  We got married in a whirlwind, had an instant family with a stepdaughter and was fortunate to have 3 beautiful children with him (one of which has passed- RIP Justin Michael).  So today I live my life for my family, and my friends and learn to accept the craziness of my life.  There is always something going on.  I am always the 1% of all things strange- as soon as the words are spoken "that is rare" or "that almost never happens" - well it happens to me! lol

At this point in my life I am still an optimist, I have big dreams- still.  I live in the world of gray and try to say what I mean and mean what I say.  I feel honesty is the best policy- even though I am not 'polished' and I am not 'politically correct' all the time (I hate the game) I am honest and will stay true to what I believe. I am a very hard worker.  I take my career seriously and give 110% all the time.

My passions in life are without saying - my family, cooking, writing, gardening, always going the extra mile and finding out new ideas and adventures.  I wrote a cookbook a long time ago, and am just now trying to work on publishing it.  It is hand written and without the million excuses of why it is not complete- lets just say I finally got the balls to do it!  Succeed or fail I am on a mission to finish it!  After all Rachel Ray stole my career! HA!  While finishing up my first book I found out I had several health issues one of which is Gluten intolerance- so that book will be out following the first book!

I will try to make this interesting and I hope you share this with others.  Feel free to comment and follow my crazy life!  I really hope that you enjoy my random blog and my random thoughts. I will try to stay on top of it with working full time, trying to get the cook book going and raising my family (with my hubby) full time it is not always easy to find time. 

Like I said it is busy and crazy and I love every minute of it!