Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Car tips for those of us tired of the run around

For those of you that don’t know, I am always looking for cool websites or ideas, all while cursing that it wasn’t me that invented it… you know like all the great men, all the good ideas are taken! Haha.. Never a brake (pun intended)
A friend shared a website with me, even though it is for car repairs, but if I knew anything about Chevrolet Silverado’s http://repairpal.com/chevrolet-silverado_1500-2005 or brake jobs or auto repair in general hell I wouldn’t need a website like this http://repairpal.com/brake-rotor-replacement. It is like tracking all your medical history but it is your car history.

Sad but true that even in today’s world, being a women and needing auto repairs we always get the runaround- they try to charge for a ton more work then needed. So annoying! Well this site actually is one of those sites that you can use to bargain with the mechanic. Find out what your repairs should cost not want they want to charge you for. My friend in Dallas uses this Dallas auto repair part of the site http://repairpal.com/dallas-auto-repair and swears by it! Anyway the site is pretty cool. If I come across anymore cool sites and or ideas I will be happy to share!

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