Sunday, February 13, 2011

Vacation plans run amuck

So this month is when the whole family including the inlaws are going to FLA for a vacation... we were going since I should of been on Maternity leave now- but as we all know Nicklaus decided to come early there by forfeiting out vacation plans.  Sad that we will be holding down the fort here would loved to have had a break from this freezing cold!  Now we will be going in the heat of the summer- AUGUST... OMG thank god for pools haha.  The Last Minute Vacation - How to Save Money by Booking Travel at the Last Minute

We'll come back and immdiately get started on the annual Turkey FRY ... we have been posted poned that last couple years and have been excited to be able to throw another bash!  Bayou Classic 3066A 30-Quart Outdoor Turkey Fryer Kit

This month also marked the 4th birthday for Kylie- I am happy to have gotten through the day but not without catching that nasty stomach virus.... that has been going back and forth with Mike and I- thank god the kids didn't catch it.  Although Nick has been a bear that last week so maybe he has his own version...

In the downtime of night I have been able to make progress on my recipes, my networking and EBAY- I hope to soon have my own website up and running where you can purchase my book!  What a great accomplishment for me if I can get there!  I want to integrate some charity in there so don't be surprised if you hear me talking about that.  I think it is important to give back even when I haven't gotten anything yet- just to give is an incredible gift.  To be able to do this without expectation is a true gift.

I digress... I have to think of something to cook - in a house with one eater- hmmm this should be easy but 4 year olds have no idea what they want ... LOL till next time- please feel free to follow me- and watch for updates!  I have added many new things to my blog - check them out there is something for almost everyone! And please share me on facebook-

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