Wednesday, March 9, 2011

New day another issue! RSV Scare!

So it is official, we had our first scare with Nick.  Got the call from daycare, labored breathing, sounds raspy and chest is retracting .  So I call the Dr. and explain the symptoms and they had us rush him to the emergency room.  In a mad dash out the door, frantically I call Mike and fill him in so he can meet me and put mom on alert.  Thank god my folks are back from vacation!  There is nothing more scary I think then an RSV scare with a preemie!  Thankfully he is ok, thank God he qualified for RSV shots once a month, they really help him overcome what could of been a tradgedy.  He is under oberservation with us but I am optimistic that he can get through this  too.  It is very nerve wrecking to worry about this all the time. 

To us RSV is nothing more then the common cold, to an infant it is very serious, to a preemie it could mean death.  When you have a preemie their brochoi tubes are drastically under developed.  They do not have the capacity in their chest to take a breath.  So when the airway is clogged with mucus, nose or mouth they have to work ten times harder to get one breath.  They can't eat because they can't breath and they can't cough because they lack the strengh and power in their lungs to be able to cough. 

Luckily for us we have been fortunate.   Although the rest of us have been sick all winter, Nick has remained healthy.  We have kept him in the comforts of home and under quarentine, driving everyone crazy, but all the while knowing this is why.  We needed to get him stronger and bigger to be able to handle what gets thrown our way.  With the new mix of daycare we have opened up a whole new can of germs.  We are so greatful to have a daycare like we do and a staff that is not only over the top competent they always go the extra mile and have become like family to us.

As I look at Nick sleeping next to me in his swing I thank God that he is here, that he didn't take this angel away from me too!  I am thankful that we had so many people accross the world praying for us!  He is a fighter this kid, for what he has had to overcome already in his short life it is amazing to me how strong he is.


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