Monday, August 13, 2012

vacation spots- close to home

Man I have so much to write about but I have to think of how to compose all that has been going on- in meantime of all the regular crazy drama we have been trying to find some mini vacation spots. You know the kinds that are close enough to drive to or cheap enough to fly too- that way we can go for adult mini weekend or a fun time with the kids. We ran the gamete of places and although we decided our first trip to be a romantic getaway in Bar Harbor- we made a kind of bucket list of places to go. One of those places is Central New Jersey.. I haven’t been since 1996 when my brother was in school in NY …but it was it great. Now that I am grown they have so much more to offer..
One of the coolest things I saw was the festival of ballooning! Who even knew that this existed!? What a great time! Just to give you an idea of all the cool things for kids Kidz Village – Woodbridge, Uptown Playground - Kendal Park, Six Flags – Jackson, iPlay America – Freehold.
If you haven’t looked at Jersey as a place to go visit I suggest you check out their website for some great ideas

I am always looking for great places to go – good food, entertainment, hotels, beaches – you name it!
The more I research Central Jersey the more fun things I find to do. I love fairs and festivals, live music etc. There is nothing Central Jersey doesn’t have – so I suggest you hope over to check them out as soon as you can and book your vacation- keep American running by staying and keeping it alive!

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