Saturday, February 16, 2013

Long Time Coming

Well it has been a long time- sorry for the wait- Nicklaus has been sick and things have been so hectic I have had little time to focus on writing! 

My cookbook is almost done - just editing the last of it - proofing all the recipes and hoping that I am following the correct format while I my eyes go criss cross!  Then onto the photo pages and the autobiography of the book- that should take some time!  Maybe I'll hire someone to write about me!  In the meantime the recipes are selling well on EBAY and I have great reviews for those recipes. 

I recently have been diagonsed with Gluten intolerance and so you know what that means... new book opportunity!  I want it to be simple not a lot of ingredients and just regular dishes- nothing so funky you would only eat if you had this allergy!  Then onto the others~!  This has been a life long dream of mine and I am hoping for your support!- failure is just not an option!

Updates with Nicklaus- Well our little preemie is still a mystery to the Dr's at Boston Childrens- we are praying for some kind of diagnosis and cure for him.  It seems he has some kind of a lung condition wether it PCD or something else.  He has a lot of A typical symptoms hmm guess he got my Gene for the 1% of all things strange!  So we are back and forth inbetween the pnemonias trying to get answers.  We ask that everyone pray for the little kids with medical issues and not just for them of course but for all- no matter what your religion.

Best news is after a very long and what seemed impossible ride most of the time- hubby takes the bar at the end of the month!  WOOHOO I couldn't be more proud of him if I tried!  We have been through so much in the past few years with love and loss and medical issues, near death experiances and job loss he has fought through it all to graduate with a PHD in law in Honors!

This year will be a year of change and opportunity!  May the planets align and God carry us through! 

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