Thursday, February 17, 2011

Never a break!

You know the saying "it's been one of those days" well I think it has been one of those Years!! So I failed to mention how sick we have been since Kylie's birthday - First I come down with the stomach bug- have that all week, Kylie catches a cold, and then Mike gets the bug and the echo virus...  Thankfully Nicklaus didn't get sick although I think he had a touch of the bug with the stomach pains.  Hard to say.

So while I am trying to console Nicklaus at night I go pick him up out the crib and snap- my already weak thumbs has reached it's last limit. Snap goes the tendon and here comes the inflammation thereby rendering my hand only partially functioning.  I was able to get to the orthoped within days and yup big old cortisone shot.  That was pleasant NOT.  Not sure if you know how painful that is but OMG rediculous.  Off to work I go!  I get to work and you guessed it none of my systems are working as they should.  Off to big meeting then home. 

Get up this morning to get to the Dentist you guessed it- my car won't start!  Luckily my mom left her car here so I am able to take that and get to the Dentist.  And lucky for me to find that website the day before.  Suspect .. or coincedence lol 

After a clean set of teeth and no cavities the dentist comes in for his quick review and YUP OF COURSE there is something wrong with an old root canal- rare condition and now I have to go to the specialist... OMG.  So I call home to find out about the car, my hubby was sweet enough to call Triple A.. only to find out that the cause- my new car starter! Apparently what they don't tell you is the rules of use, and that you need a HUGE battery in order to handle the starter especially on cold days!

So off to work I go.

Get to work and think all my computer issues are fixed but nope now I need a new computer!

So after completeing what I could complete off to home I go.  Nicklaus had his big debut today at the daycare and you guessed it he was a mess by the time he got home.  Now he appears to be sleeping but not without the random breakouts of crying.  The poor thing.

So off to work on supper, family time, ebay, more blogging and IDOL.. .

and one mention of idol- "noodle nose"  some things should not be shared! American Idol: The Untold Story

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