Friday, February 25, 2011

Another REALLY cool site - great deals

Hello there, so I found another awesome site- If you are a bargain shopper like myself... then you will love this site.  I love to eat, I love food, I love a bargain, I love to cook, I love to get ideas from other dishes and use them as inspiration for my own creations! 
So there is this site called Groupon does it stand for GREAT coupon?  I don't know but I'll tell you what- since the economy is in an aweful state and restaurants really need our business - it is only fair that we do our part and help out right! haha best part is if you check out this site you can put in where you are most likely to eat, and you can have disounts emailed to you or even show up on your phone!  You don't have to print just show the restaurant your phone and the message... OMG good for the planet too!!!  Pick your city, pick your state, PICK YOUR COUNTRY... and get deals that are appropriate for you!

But seriously I went and checked it out, what was the first great deal???  WELL GERMAN FAIR in Boston... how great is that?!  HALF off a a four course meal $17 that is insane!  Well I know I am signing up myself and will probably email it to some of you on my email string cause you can't miss out on this deal it is that good. 

The best part it is it not just for food it is for all kinds of items and services.  I just saw German food and was hooked!  It is my favorite, right next to Italian!  This is designed with you in mind, your preferences, it even gives you information about the discount and reviews.  All in one- You got to check it out, sign up share on facebook or send to your friends like I am .. you won't regret it!  I already put on facebook!  Awesome!

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