Thursday, February 10, 2011

The New Venture

In the process of "cleasing" and trying to regain center I have also  started "cleaning" out old stuff. I figure we could use the extra money so why not try our luck on EBAY- after all everyone seems to make money on there.  I am moderately sucessful.  I have this habit almost an addiction to get a really good deal, and then reselling it for something else after it is spruced up.  So I have been making this my side business.  I'll let you know how that works out.  So as part of my cleaning I am going through all our old stuff, although very time comsuming it is cleasing - saying good bye to certain chapters in life.

I also started thinking, everyone always told me that when I publish my cookbook (the epic project) they would buy a copy so I have decided to cook all my items, take pictures and post on ebay for .99 cents under "nkgedrich".  We'll see how my pictures hold up since you can't see the recipe until you purchase it, but it is only .99 cents.  And they are delicious :O)  I figure once I have enough pictures, I will have my recipes typed up and my book may be one step closer to being complete.  I think at this point I am so afraid of failure (as cooking was always my one true passion) I have somehow stifled myself for long I may have missed my window. 

I pray that it works out and that somehow I will find my niche, and have that feeling of true satisfaction that I lack currently.  Don't get me wrong I love my job but it is just not "my plan".

So if you are interested in any of these recipes, hope on ebay, which links to my facebook... which may someday link to you!

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