Monday, January 18, 2010

Cook Book

So I have been working on a cook book for YEARS... so many it is rediculous. I actually have it mostly written however it is a matter or typing it up and trying to publish it. This seems to be taking a long time to do ... maybe I am just afraid of failure... maybe I am just too lazy.. don't know. But I think I will start slowly typing it out. I just got a book so that I can get it done correctly and just do it. Enough is enough and if I can do something I set out to do .. this would be one of those times.  I'll have to work on my business cards again..that may help with motivation.  I like the free vista print ones - and if you want any of the other designs they are still the most affordable.  Especially around the holidays!!  I used them way back when I was catering. Free Business Cards

So soon I will start reporting on an accomplishment. 2010 has to be better then last year and we will have to have something positive for us to look forward to ...
Maybe I should start with some business cards - step 3 since I am already writing LOL Great gift Ideas

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