Sunday, February 20, 2011

Crazy Show: Ghost Adventures

Written by Fermin Washington

If you really like to be spooked by television shows, then "Ghost Adventures" is definitely a great show to watch on the Travel Channel. This crazy show features the lives of two ghost hunters who go around to haunted houses located throughout the country. These ghost hunters are so crazy, that they enter the most dangerous places ever to do some ghost hunting. I watch this show on my DirectTV, but only if I am surrounded by a good group of friends!

This show is fun to watch in large groups of people. I would not recommend watching this show in a small group of people or by one's self. It is way too easy to get spooked out watching this show alone! It is a great idea to watch this show in a group of people. I love seeing all of the different places these ghost hunters end up visiting on the show, since I love to travel. They visit haunted houses and castles in places one would never imagine, such as Utah or Oregon. This sort of dynamic makes it a fascinating show to watch, because one is never sure if these ghost hunters might end up in a haunted house near one's own home!

Overall, I recommend this program to anyone with an interest in learning about ghosts in haunted houses around the country!

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