Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Nicklaus First day and the joys of motherhood

So Monday was supposed to be Nicklaus;s first day at day care after being home and out of the NICU however, I think the fear of school must of subconsciously weakened his immune system (not likely) and we found him sick - listless with congestion (RSV symptoms).  How terrible it is to hear a little one cough like that and not eat, not smile, just sleep..  so we kept him home, I too was home sick with you guessed it - a relapse of that nasty stomach Flu that won't seem to leave our house.  And to top it off Kylie got a touch of it followed by dad- So the day was complete.  Now it is Wednesday and we are all doing much better- tired but that is nothing new these days.  Life with a newborn, amazing but exhausting!

I try to type in between crys.. and here goes one...ahh the joys of being needed.  The four year old does not seem to understand if her feet are hot she can take off her own socks! Back to bed she goes. Cute.

Well life has been hectic as usual, between coming home from the hospital and trying to recover from my infections, taking care of the kids, all of us being run down and sick we had the holiday to attend to.  I also had to return back to work in January so I wasn't home that long with Nick.  It was a blessing that my husband was able to stay home with him and share that bond.  A mom always has a bond with a child, but a dad I think has to work a little bit harder sometimes.  They have to learn what comes natural to a mother.  Of course I am speaking in most cases-  It is an amazing thing- motherhood.  Nothing that anyone can put into words and trying never seems to give it justice.  I won't even try- who am I kidding I am sure at some point I'll squeeze it in haha

Well after the holidays came more sickness in our house from the flu to strep and back again... Kylie turned four and thinks she is big enough for everything!  This one is smart... too smart.  She actually told me today that she is now four and that means she can be in a booster seat because that is what big girls do.   All the while complaining that she is not in big kid school and only pre-school.  Where does this come from?! I tried to tell her not to want to grow up so fast but as we all know it- that will never happen.  It just made me realize why my mom had said that to me.  It is because it means I am getting old!  I am growing up! Ready - Panic....   It means all the while I am enjoying every moment, every age, she is getting bigger and I am getting older.  Life is so bitter sweet.  I just want to hold onto these days for as long as I can because once they grow up they are gone and we are left with "remember when".  I know from speaking to my mom that each stage and age is great.  I mean really my mom has become my worst nightmare to my best friend! 

Life is funny how it works.  I believe it does all happen for a reason.  We may not know it or want to know it but somehow if you believe - it all works out.  You become stronger, wiser, kinder, happier. Life is full of cliche's- what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.  Well one question - why can't it make you thinner too?!?!  (joke)

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