Monday, April 18, 2011

So I guess I spoke too soon!

This weekend started off good, until Saturday- Nicklaus seemed off. Overly tired, a little bit cranky, and I figured that maybe he was bothered by his difficulty breathing; maybe it he is teething. Then I thought to myself.. Man when was the last time he had a bowel movement. Well he kept eating so I was thinking at first he must be constipated. So Sunday 3am- yup we are up, I gave him a bottle and changed him as usual but he just would not go back down. He finally fell asleep in the swing after some Tylenol at 6am just in time for me to get comfy on the couch and start to dose off and in comes Kylie! Never a break I tell you lol.

Well so the morning goes on and Nick gets crankier and I decide to call the Dr. He felt a little warn at this point so I take his temp.. 100.3 While I am waiting for the nurse to call back I say to my hubby I wonder if he ear infections are back. My kids do not get high fevers when they have something wrong. Kylie didn’t even have a fever when she had strep… but yup she had it alright.

Anyway the nurse calls me and proceeds to tell me that 100.3 is not considered a fever in the pediatric world, and that he probably has gas from the new soy formula (now on for over a week) and not to treat the fever, and wait a day to bring him in so he can see his regular Dr. That went over well! So I proceeded to explain last time umm 2 weeks ago when his temp was 99 he had a massive double ear infection. She tells me “well it is not like I am making you wait for a long time, just another 24 hours” “these appointments are reserved for really sick kids and if they are not sick coming in, they will be when they are leaving” so like a good mom would say- I said to her “how the hell do you know if my kid is very sick or not? He is a preemie and is high risk, he also has broncholitis and at the very least I want someone to listen to his lungs. He doesn’t get a fever from gas, and there is something definitely wrong with him, so I don’t care who the Dr. is that is in today, my son is coming in and you better book the appointment.” After having the gall to sigh at me – she asked if I could be there in 40 min. So I sent my hubby as I had another appointment.

And low and behold, not only did he have another massive double ear infection; he was dehydrated and already lost 3 ounces. Had we waited the 24 hours not only would he have spiked and ended up in the ER- he would have potentially needed fluids! So here we go on another round of antibiotics, Motrin and Tylenol. This poor kid! Since he is preemie his immune system and his adjusted age is only that of a 3 month old not an almost 6 month old. Preemies have a harder time fighting off infections, and have to work extra hard at it which is very draining for them. Thank god he is such a great spirited baby! And my Hubby did tell the Dr. about the Nurse- and the Dr –was grateful that we spoke up and fought to come in- it was the right thing to do – and he will discuss with the nurse! How dare her make a judgment call like that when she has no history or knowledge of my son! Mom does always know! It is just amazing to me that some are so ignorant to a mother’s intuition!

Just goes to show you that no matter what your ailment, no matter what your age- you still need to fight for your healthcare! Fight to get the treatment you feel you need and not always what the Dr’s or Nurses think! It is so wrong that insurance companies – those WITHOUT a degree and WITHOUT a full chart feel that they can regulate what we need without even knowing our full history. We have run into this since I was in the hospital with Meningitis – they tried to let me go home then too... and with my complications I probably wouldn’t be here today! Thank god my husband fought like he did for me! Just like we now fight for our kids..

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