Saturday, April 16, 2011

On the Mend! Coming out of the fog...

I am pretty sure it is safe to say we are all on the mend.  Exhausted still but slowly getting better! Now I can start cooking again and get things moving.  I actually started cleaning out closets.. note the increase in items on ebay!  And PS if you want me to ship international that is not a problem... just let me know!
Anyway I digress, so I got to thinking while trying to get all of my things done that maybe I should create an iphone app... so I will try to research that to see how difficult that is.  Apparently I am finding the need to invent something HAHA.. actually I'd like to be independently wealthy - even just well off!

Imagine what life would be like if we didn't have to worry about bills and the mortgage, daycare, groceries... GAS... wouldn't that be nice! LOL  Then we could spend time doing what we actually like to do and be more happy and forfilled.  I don't know about you but when you work all week, rush to get the kids at daycare and pray for the weekend... then the weekend comes and you spend it running around doing the errands you couldn't do during the week, then there is laundry, house cleaning some quality time and then oh ya back to work.  I never have that "I accomplished something" feeling these days.  And the kids are growing so fast right before my eyes, but yet I feel like it was just a blink, a moment in time.  I am left feeling I missed something, and one of the most important milestones. I try to remember every special moment but that is not reality unfortunately, so I obsess with pictures and blogs.  I keep their baby books updated and try to make album books, like those on shutterfly immediately so that they will always have a keep sake.  Ahh the days of technology.  No need to print all the pictures in the digital camera- they just stay there forever.. love the concept but if you don't print them, your memories can be lost forever.

How random is this post ?!!?  LOL guess I should get some sleep!  Not that I really know what that is like anymore!  The joys of Motherhood, and nope I wouldn't swap a week of sleep for any of it!  I can honestly say, there is nothing I love more then being a mom!  I just hope that I will be as great a mom as my mom.

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