Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Did I say What's next...OMG RSV

Brought Nicklaus to the Dr today, I am starting to feel like I live there!  He now has bronciolitis- the baby version of Bronchitis (which I have) and yup you guessed it it is the other name for RSV!  This is the dreaded virus! 

We have dreaded this moment since his birth- thankfully he does not have it as bad as we have been fearing.  People can think we are crazy and over protective but if you heard him stuggle to breath, wheez, or try to cough - you would understand.  You can actually feel the gurgle down his back.  You know when you have post nasal drip so bad you can hear it in your throat well his chest sounds like that!  So we start the nebulizer treatments, both Pulmacourt and xopenex just like his big sister!  I hope he doesn't suffer with asthma like Kylie does!  I have a funny feeling he needs or will need to be on an antibiotic, I am a little shocked that they didn't put him on one today but I am not a Dr.  I am only a mom!

So we will continue the treatments, pray that he eats and gets better, and watch him to make sure that he does. I know how awful I feel and how exhausting this is, especially when you can't breath so if I am this miserable, I can't imagine how he must be feeling. 

He is still smiling though and boy one look at those dimples, your heart melts!

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