Monday, April 11, 2011

Headlines- so much tragedy!

Another earthquake in Japan- what is going on over there- feels like determination to destroy that plant!  I would be clearing out of there asap!  So scary!  Have you seen the headlines lately?  A Guy in Brazil opens fire in a school and then shoots himself!  Guy in Florida possibly an ex cop serial killer putting bodies on the beach...
Government threatening to shut down and war breaking out all over Middle east- it is just getting worse!

I met someone last week that was very interesting, he works in Saudi Arabia, we chatted for a bit and he was explaining to me that people actually draw a salary to drum up chaos!  Being naive about this type of behavior I was shocked and amazed.  To him it was common practice, to me, horrifying. I guess to me- I can't imagine this.  Why would people want to surround themselves with death and war, violence and horror?!  Do they not have any self worth, any morals, any conscience? Rhetorical question by the way.  Just so sad that people can be so evil, and so narcissistic!  You have to wonder, are they born that way? Or were they brought up this way- where can we break this cycle and bring some peace to the people!

 Maybe- we can create an island just for these types of people, where there is only one way in- that way they can fight out their demons together and destroy each other instead of all the innocent folks?! Wouldn't that be great.  They can have Disney or someone create a maze of hell for them and we wouldn't have to worry about them causing issues for us! 

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