Monday, April 11, 2011


Sorry it has been a while since my last posting.  Between me and the kids we have all been sick!

This poor little kid of mine- I went away on business, come home to find a horrible rash on my little one.. on top of it he ends up with blood in his stool and you know what.. he is STILL smiling!  So back to the Dr. we go to find out he now has a milk protein allergy . So away we go on Similac Soy formula ...after the first bottle, no more blood, and a change in his disposition!  Now of course he has a terrible cough, (welcome to daycare) and we are right back watching for that fine line of a cold vs. RSV vs. bronchitis etc... and yes he is still smiling.  What a little miracle.  Makes you wonder how some people can complain so much about things- myself included - and then you have these little babies that go through all the illness he has gone through and yet he is always smiling.  Amazing.  Then you have Kylie, who's little feelings get hurt and the world is ending.  However when Kylie was a baby- she too was very sick with respiratory issues and she also was always smiling.  So much so that the Dr's never believed me when she was sick!  And yes we did switch Dr's at that point!  Her Dr. now knows I know when something is wrong and believes me! If only they were all like that!

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