Monday, April 25, 2011

Wanna watch your pennies!?

In today’s economy it is so difficult to watch your pennies! I have been looking everywhere- what can we cut, where can we get a deal? Watching the pennies no matter how many of them every one counts! While going through all of our services one to mention is car insurance Talk about companies always trying to have competitive rates. It is like a free money switch! Unlike cable TV and utilities where you have no choices, with car insurance you always have a choice.

This company has competitive rates and even has student rates! And if you are like me- 2 in college; 2 in daycare- well it is worth filling out the form to find out. Maybe you too can be pleasantly surprised and find a little more money in your wallet.  While you are at it see what else you can bargain with!  Call the credit card companies to lower  your interest.  Refi your car cause let's face it- no one is getting the refi on the house!

Start clipping coupons- half the time you don't need the item to even use the coupon... amazing how that works! But watch your pennies!!  Those are what add up!  Make your coffee, bring your lunch- be inventive with the crock pot and have dinner waiting for you so you are not tempted to order that sub... your waistline will probably improve as well!  (Here's to hoping on that one at least!)

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