Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Diversity brings change!

I am happy to say that Osama has finally been killed.  Anyone that is guilty for what he did should be shot.  The very twisted view of what is right and wrong in this world is a very hard thing to comprehend.  I truly wish that people with the mentality that they have the right to do whatever they want to people because of what? A religious or political believe? Could just fall into an abyss. 

I really just don’t understand this.  There really can only be one true religion and you either believe it or don’t, you follow it or you don’t, and it really doesn’t matter if you do not believe the same as me- At the end of the day it is your free will to believe in what you want.  So many religions now a day have been so bastardized you have to beware the truth.  But that said Who are we to judge one person’s religion over another?
This world is made up of a variety of different people, different classes, races etc.  There are different cultures for a reason- to create diversity.  I suppose we could just let the programmers write the program so we could be robots.  That way we would have no individuality, no mind of our own, and no opinions.  We could remain stagnant and never strive for something more.  They could insert in us a chip so we followed their script of life.  Of course that would be no different than a dictator, or cult leader!

Diversity is what brings about change, and provides the opportunity for growth.   The best inventions and ideas in the world were brought on because someone went the extra mile and actually thought out of the box!  Some people are so self centered that they think only their ideas are what matter, theirs is the only truth and if you do not follow their ways well then - you may as well shoot yourself- Hitler ring a bell.
You can be passionate about what you believe but you have no right to take action because someone else’s view is different.  Lighten up- don’t claim to see a silver lining when you are writing with a black sharpie!  Be open to new ideas, be open to change- don’t get hung up on the small stuff and doors will open!  You may even learn something about yourself.

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