Monday, May 23, 2011

A Moment in time

It is really amazing how fast kids grow up. Amazing how fast a moment in time really is.  You spend your life as a child always wishing to be bigger and it seems to take forever.  Then you get older and you want to freeze time.  I can barely remember Kylie as a baby until I look at photos.  She was so cute, so happy so carefree.  She still is as a matter of fact, just 4 years old and telling me how happy she is to now be an adult.  Five short months ago Nick was fighting for his life.  He wasn't much bigger then the remote control for the tv and now he is a the size of a 10 month old.  To me I can barely remember how small he was.

We have overcome so much as a family in the past few years, and it seems like a lifetime ago.  I remember it all very vividly but it is like a blip in time.  A moment passed and you have no choice to move on.

I was looking pictures of Kylie and the family and note I have been pregnant since May of 2009- Three pregnancies later I have Nicklaus born October 2010.  Amazing to comprehend that.  I also had severe meningitis with complications and was able to celebrate Mike graduate his undergrad in 2009, enter into lawschool and celebrate our 6th wedding anniversary.  We have had nothing but ups and downs but somehow this has brought us down.  It has not killed our spirit, in fact our love is stronger today then it was back when we traded vows.  We have held each other up, probably knocked each other down but yet we continue to smile, love, and grow.

Amazing how life is, amazing how we  CAN go on.  Amazing to marry your one true love!

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