Monday, June 20, 2011

Travel at your own risk!!

So had to fly to Atlanta for work to a class- and of course that 1% mantra - the trip has been a series of tragic comical events.

Leaving was ok- got to MHT and checked bag went upstairs to get on plane after getting a quick lunch since it is noon and we don't know when we'll be able to eat again- Get onto plane slight delay in leaving and then onward to our connection in Detroit.  - we get out  and check the gate and head over to the farthest away gate- we sit down and wait. Then I think hmmm they should be boarding our plane and I don't see the plane... let me go down the hall and read the monitor.  SO I do and panic- CRAP they changed the gate while we were hauling ass to our gate... so up we go and away we run!  Make the plane just in time.  no announcement. We finally get settled and are excited to watch the free movie, luckily I have my ipod headphones so I start right away.  My friend on the other hand forgot hers so she waits to purchase.  But the plane is in turbulence for so long it takes forever- and you guessed it they forgot the headsets..luckily she could read her book- since it was so turbulent- they kept interrupting the movie. And of course I get to the last hour of the movie and they threaten to shut it off- then we get detained due to another passenger and we have to sit in NON air cond. for 45 min and yup I still missed the end of the movie.. now I have NO IDEA what happened. Damn it.

So we find a taxi- which turns out to be a car service - yes there is a difference- and we finally get to hotel and they now won't accept my prepaid check for stay... worked that out after about 40 min and get up to my room to find out my key doesn't work. So back down stairs I go and while I am there ask what is open for food since it is now almost 10pm and we don't have a car and we are starving!!!  He ends up having so much trouble trying to dial the phone - and because all places have a 1hr - 2 hr wait we opt for Chinese food- 15 min delivery :O)

So because we have have no car and now have to walk everywhere in 100 degree heat.. sweating will help make it feel more like intense exercise!- My air conditioner doesn't work one night cause the cleaning lady keeps shutting it off in the morning and it takes too long to kick in, and then we lose power another night due to the horrible storms. Everything seems to close early and classes have been extended to an extra hour every day... so soon we will be heading home and I thought it would be a good idea to be proactive so we don't get stuck in line at the airport .. so " lets check in on line"... and somehow or another my friend gets charged over $400 for a bag- yup her super expensive LUGGAGE LOL due to a computer glich (put down we had 5 bags over 100lbs per) they had to cancel the whole thing and now we will chance it at the airport... so we hitch a ride with a classmate to save money and get to the airport- wait in the check in line forever on the bag issue.  We head through security and my friend got tagged to go through the new xray machine- I stupidly follow cause I missed what we were doing.  Without the drama of the whole story- NEVER call the new xray machine and xray machine in front of security - apparently they find this offensive and will start an argument with you!  We finally get to the gate- and attempt to board to find out they canceled my friends ticket.  So we got that worked out and get on the plane- then get delayed in the plane on the runway with no air- for almost an hour.... we finally leave and pray that we make it to our connecting flight.  We land in Detroit again can I tell you how much I hate this airport- we have minutes to spare to get to our connection ON THE FARTHEST concourse- so with bags in hand - and tired old legs we RUN - yup RUN to our plane and thankfully get there just before they closed the door-
You would think that was it right?!  We finally land after our late start again waiting with no air- and get off the plane in Manchester- and you guessed it- they lost our luggage!!!  LOL if we didn't laugh our heads off at that moment - we would of screamed.  We chose to laugh!!  While we caught the shuttle to our car!

My bed has NEVER been more comfortable!  And I am so happy to be home with my family!!!

We arrive and as we are taxiing on the way to our gate we are told there is an issue with another plane landing and we have to wait


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