Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Guest Blog- The great confession

The Greatest Confession- From The "Not-so-secret-anymore" Journal of Steven Beliveau

April 8th, 2011

Has it occurred to anyone that ALL of civilization, beginning with AND from the top down is full of shit? It’s all based on legally unquestionable manipulative lies and bullshit hidden agendas on a scale that’s off the chart that lists all those charts we often refer to?

I think Human Civilization needs “The Greatest Confession” ever given… its really one of the easiest things to do! A kindergartener could lead the way! Come to think of it… maybe the little ones SHOULD lead the way… They’re such better people, too…

Have you observed human civilization lately? Everyone is blaming everyone else. It’s psychotic at best. Look at the messes. Look at the big white elephants stomping ravenously about that don’t exist. No one wants to get involved in anything too difficult unless PR (Public Relations: What’s in it for me?) is involved. It’s too hard. And why bother caring – that’s not my job…

A cancerous, self serving, self interested human body of human bodies. I guess we mean well, though. And we’ve tried so hard, haven’t we? But what are we going to do about it? … other than continue to look the other way and continue our daily program, living out general consensus reality/insanity.

But how many times have WE all lied (yea, those little lies, too), evaded the whole truth, to fit in with the ‘powers that be’ – to cover mistakes – in whatever form – for whatever reason – family, school, work, relationships, authorities, ourselves, etc.? How is this ok when we teach children to perform otherwise – to do things WE can’t even count on ourselves to do? We are ALL to blame, ALL guilty… and can therefore ALL be forgiven, beginning with ourselves. It’s easy to let ALL the guards down… ya just do it! Blaze the Path…

Imagine if all “natural law,” the universe (the things which we totally rely on to NOT lie)… began to LIE ALL THE TIME? What would happen to us? To science? NASA would no longer be able to make calculated landings & departures for it’s space program. But then again, those black holes & wormholes lie pretty good, too. Either that, or we just don’t share their coherently dense point of view.

It never has been exclusively the president’s fault, the religious figure’s fault. It’s never been the elected official’s exclusive fault, nor the company’s fault, the teacher’s fault, the kid’s fault, the parent’s fault. It’s ALL OF US, period. Either we’re doing the best we can or we’re all full of bullshit deceiving ourselves grandly. Time will tell… history eventually tells us the truth one way or another.

Our whole society needs a Great Confession before we can wake up to any healthy vision for lasting change. You get what I’m saying? We all act like clusters of cancer cells. But we’re trying to eradicate cancer, itself? Isn’t this ironic? Please… we already HAVE cures for cancer. What madness we subscribe to – and we call it normal? : /

We really need to quit pointing fingers, quit seeking scapegoats to judge, to flog, and to demean. Are we all perfect having done nothing resembling what we’re pointing out? Everyone is responsible for everything here. To think otherwise is severe mental sickness.

Time for everyone to wake up from the dream of civilized civilization. It’s killing everything. And if you are one of those that needs proof because you can’t think for yourself… then – take a walk outside – listen to the humanly created highway noise at 4am, observe your city’s general air/water quality. Observe the color, smell, and foamy ‘whatever that is,’ in your local creek or river. Oh wait, there is no big white elephant… that’s right. Forgive me. I must be crazy… or am I?

It’d be all too easy to upset this sleepy little apple cart. So much easier than you think. Hint: less is more. You can do it… I know you can. Be the change you want to see. I’m with you…

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