Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Summer Updates

What a great summer!  Both kids are beach bums which we love, since we are there every weekend!  I really could do without this humidity, really getting old! haha

Trying to keep the air conditioners on full blast- since central air is only for our dreams.  As I was sitting in front of one of them TRYING to remain cool- it actually started hissing at me - omg I said and two minutes later- it starting belting ice out the vents onto my face. That was so refreshing :O) but needless to say- that one bit the big one.  Lucky for us we have back ups... and that one is working just fine.  Thank god

Life is good, the recipes are taking off on ebay- please check them out if you haven't already!  I promise they are worth the money spent.  I will get some new ones out there- just been so busy between work, kids, and summer.

We took the kids to Boston for my birthday- to visit the aquarium- and tour Boston they had SOO much fun - but I think it wiped out us more then them.  Where do they get their energy?!  

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