Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Holidays are coming- with challenges

WOW it has been a long time- sorry about that- there has been so much going on these days I haven't had time to write!
Between sick kids, sick parents, sugery follow up's on top of the holidays... well where does the time go!
So I finally went to follow up on my tooth that was removed for the implant only to find out that they took out too much bone and now I can't complete it - and yup on top of that- another tooth on the other side has an absyss on the nerve- and no that one doesn't hurt either!  But nonetheless I am told that I have to have a root canal! Oh Joy tomorrow! Well maybe it will curb my appetite not being able to chew on either side haha..

Speaking of that I have been cooking up a storm- if you haven't been to my facebook page please go check me out search under A Pinch of German!

I just finished up the Christmas cookies- yes Christmas- not "holiday" cookies - how do they look!!!

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