Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Step 1 of our journey with my baby!

For tomorrow: good news. bad news. good news is surgery will last between 2 and 4 hours. bad news is they won't make repair until later due to nick having to be in intensive care with a breathing machine as they will be blocking the air way. so this surgery will not be reparative-

Scopes (3) , airway block, (E.N.T. will go into the larynx and biopsy the area....as well as look for the Laryngeal Cleft and tracheamalacia....more concerned with Laryngeal Cleft. Pulmonary will go in, with the airway blocked, scope the lungs, fill the lungs with fluid and slowly resect the fluid from the lungs until completely empty, while conducting biopsies of the lungs, cilia, and bronchi branches (with E.N.T at the same time). Gastro will go in, with the airway blocked and biopsy the stomach, intestines....and one more area ( I forget the name). The doctors will review the procedures and determine what the next step is If it is Laryngeal Cleft, then the next surgery will be more challenging due to him having to be on a ventilator and in ICU for several days post-op. Pulmonary is looking for damage to the lungs and whether any damage is repairable....or needs to be resected as a result of recurrent pneumonia. They will not know until the biopsies come back.........gastro is looking at any possible damage from the infection after birth. Concerned about the infection and meds given to fight the infection may have damaged the intestines. (The meds were the right meds.....but just may have caused damage)

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