Thursday, March 17, 2011

Use your power for good!!!

As all of you, I have been watching all the news about what is going on over the big blue ocean... my heart is saddened. What these people have to endure is unbelievable. It is bad enough that there is so much violence, as well as the multiple wars going on, we have natural disaster on top of it ( Egypt, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and now Japan). Those come from two different places human and a greater power (however you want to call it). I call that power, God. There are a lot of folks that say this is God (however you refer to him) warning us, ending the world, releasing his fury. Unfortunately those people are ridiculed for their beliefs. Kind of similar to how the war started wouldn’t you say, difference of beliefs. 
I really find it ridiculous that all the source of violence -very simply put- can most times boil down to - someone didn't get their way and are throwing a tantrum. Now they have to lash out at others like a two year old. Wonder how they were brought up to have so much hatred in them. How someone can have such little respect for human life and think that they have the right and the power to do what they want to whom they want without repercussion. We punish our children for similar acts don't we? Time out, sit in a corner, some people yell and unfortunately some people hit. (And hitting a child- a whole other topic that infuriates me- what do you think you are teaching a child that doesn't really understand why what they did was wrong? By hitting them, all you are doing is teaching them to be scared and to hit when someone upsets them! - cause and effect.. same thing.) Anyway I digress. It is just really hard for me to comprehend how some people just think they are on such a pedestal. These dictators with power, that think they have the right to do what they want, and if someone doesn’t listen to them- they can slaughter their own, actually kill people, women, and children – even babies... Really??

As for the folks in Japan, my heart bleeds for them. When I was little I used to dream of being over taken by a wall of water, a tidal wave, drowning etc. And these folks are living my nightmares. Not to take away for any of the other tragic things that have happened in the world as of late but this is just so recent. And to worry about nuclear leaks I can't imagine. People try to work on energy solutions and although this solution has a lot of positives, I feel that the negatives outweigh the positive. We are just swapping one destructive resource for another. If the countries could band together for the good of the Earth and its people with one goal and come up with clean energy what a world it would be! How amazing would it be to not worry about cost, not worry about running out of resources, and not worry that in a disaster our energy source could potentially kill all of our people (nuclear plant), and also cause such bad residual affects and birth defects that it can cause more harm then good. What a concept- clean energy.

Now I am not an overly religious person and I am the worst at getting up and making to Church, but I do believe that we are taught lessons on a regular basis. I believe that the way we learn or do not learn from these lessons will determine the outcome. Certainly everyone has their own beliefs but I have been fortunate to witness my own small miracles. When I find myself so down in the dumps I try to find that silver lining, that one little piece of information that you can see is change. If you change your perspective and look from a different angle sometimes you can see a different picture of reality. Look at my son Nick. He came early, he almost died- he didn’t. He was born very sick and they didn’t know what if any permanent damage he would have. He has none. He is super high risk for RSV- currently has a terrible cold and cough- RSV is negative. He is here, he is thriving, and he is loved. I am still working on the positives for what is going on outside of my bubble, and yes I have opinions, but I think it is more the lessons we are not paying attention to that are of concern. Until we as a complete unit- all countries learn the lesson, we will continue down this path of self destruction. Sometimes I just wish everyone would just get along. Respect the fact that each person is different, they have their own set of opinions and beliefs but really for our short time here, you are responsible for your actions- the little things do not matter. What matters is how you take that information and process it, how you live your life and how you react. Luckily some parts of the world embrace this concept already. I am one person, I have my beliefs, it doesn’t mean I am always right but if I am not hurting anyone and I am happy and I am content why does it matter. After all, individuality is how we affect change. And change CAN be wonderful... if you use your powers for good!

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