Monday, March 28, 2011

What is happening in the world today?!

I was reading today about the workers from the nuclear plant and how they left their families knowing their fate, but went to help anyway.  I am at awe.  To be able to think about yourself, and have the courage to do something so that your family will have a chance, so that your children can grow up and their children can have a chance is beyond words.  Those people have rallied in a way that is real.  True hero's!  Being a mother, I don't know how the parents there are able to deal with this scary situation.  To worry about water, even for taking a bath I would want to get out of there as soon as possible, but there is no where to go for them.  So sad.  I wish that I had a huge house and the ability to just fly there and pick up people to take them in and help.  That is not a reality for me, I just can't imagine the helplessness and fear these people live with everyday.

In the news today there was radiation found in the snow in NH- all the way from Japan- I can't imagine how it is in countries near Japan or how bad it really is in Japan! So much tragedy in the world it really makes you think. I sincerely hope that there is something we can do together as a people- one people to work through all of this devastation.  You have to wonder, is there some truth to the prophecy. Mystery of the Ages (2009 Printing of 2nd Edition).  Seems funny to me that all the things happening are really in these prophets books.. and most of the books are free!

Very depressing if you really think about it.  I know just having two little kids I don't want them to be exposed to war.  These poor kids over seas that have to live through and witness these horrific events, and be scarred for life it is heartbreaking.

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