Tuesday, March 29, 2011


I thought it was supposed to be spring?!  It is so cold out still, I can’t wait for the warm weather… so I can get outside and get some work done.  Kylie is very excited this year to plant the veggies in our garden!  She will be able to watch everything grow and appreciate where the food comes from.  I am looking forward to the plants and doing some landscaping as well this year.  Time to work on the plantings around the house that have been neglected!  I wish I could take a picture and have one of those shows come out and do it for me.  I am sure they have much better ideas!   Although I got a new computer (comes today yeahhh) and it has a landscaping program on it! So that will be great!   If you have any ideas for outdoor perennials that love all day sun and don’t want a ton of water let me know!  No cactus of course.  My favorite is white with a splash of color…  And alternatively other then hostas what is a great shade garden that doesn’t care if the tree wants all the water!

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