Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Again this would only happen to us!  We plan a vacation and the baby comes early so early that it is unsafe for him to travel- so we rebook for close down week from the daycare in August.. we plan to stay through labor day but we have a restriction and can't return later then the purchase date of the ticket.  STUPID RULE.  So ok fine we book anyway.  So it has been about 2.5 years since our last vacation and if you have been keeping up with the reading then you know that we are very over due.  So as luck would have it- we book are super excited for our Disney extravaganza and AUNT IRENE must pay a visit as a category 4 hurricane landing the day after our arrival- and if that wasn't enough lets through insult to injury- and have us return back home to the same hurricane!  Can't win for trying I guess.  We will carry on with our trip- we are determined to have fun no matter what... just so unreal!  I'll update you upon our return LOL

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