Saturday, March 3, 2012

Kids decided for us

Content by Mac Kline

At first, I really could not decided whether I wanted to have Dish Network or Direct tv. I had definitely heard good and bad things about both of them from multiple friends. I think ultimately the kids helped my husband and me to make our decision. Many of their friends in the neighborhood use Direct TV. The boys got to a point where it seemed like they liked being over at their friends’ house more than ours. My husband and I said we had to put our foot down and make sure the kids wanted to be at home too. It is funny that TV had such a sway on the kids hanging out at our house. I never thought that day would come, but it definitely did. It is funny because it seemed like such a competition at first. Now, we see other benefits though and we definitely do not regret making the choice the kids pushed us toward. We get to watch some of our favorite shows once the kids head to bed so it definitely seems like it is a win, win situation.

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