Thursday, March 1, 2012

RSV... inevitable

With all the viruses going around and nasty bugs it was inevitable we would soon be plagued somehow!  This Winter has been very difficult at any given moment one of has had something- no breaks in between!  Ahh the joys of working parents.  Unfortunately my husband who hardly ever catches these colds came down with the super bug- which starts off in the sinus and works its way down to pneumonia!  Four weeks later - he is still hacking up a lung!  Luckily he escaped the stomach bug that I luckily caught along with the kids. Seemed to get me the worst- NATURALLY....

Then it happened ... Nicklaus caught what Mike had- but to Nicklaus it comes in the form of RSV.  Very scary stuff- (see the link on the right banner).  He has been rushed to Urgent care 2 times already- for special breathing treatments and steroids.  He has bad asthma with just exacerbates everything!  He is in great spirits considering.  He has many of his moments of general unhappiness but this kid just never ceases to amaze me.

He is finally stable and breathing- Kylie has escaped part of it but she is still coughing... I am getting the sinus piece now and loading with every vitamin you can imagine just to avoid it.  We will just continue on fumes and pray for the best!!!

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